Thursday, 28 July 2011

Fashion Photography Project

As part of my degree i had to come up with an entire photoshoot from strat to finish... i made up a brand and a style to go with it. I love photography but the fashion element i was less keen on, i think clothes can add to an images but i always find an image sticks in my mind from the facial expressions or the meaning of the image and how i feel when i look at it. I don't really feel much when i look at fashion mags... mostly... 'wow she's hot!'..but nothing substantial. So i thought i'd have 'the issues' in my photos to add a bit of depth (gave me something meaty!). I focused on topics such as: a society tarnished by poor economics, how love isn't half as fore-filling or easy as the media portrays and gender inequality (who stopped reading there?). I did this all subtly through symbols and shiz as the project was meant to really be more about the clothes. Let me know what you think :)

(scroll down to see more of the images :) )